Anton's Goals & Milestones

24 Jul 2007

Early in my Peace Corps service, Erin and I found ourselves lost in the hills of Paama, so we sat on a rock in the middle of a field and chatted about our future. Here’s the list of goals I came up with then:

Before I Go: Anton’s list of places to go, things to do, sunrises to see.

Run Honolulu Marathon. Surf the Pipeline. Join the Peace Corps. Write a book. Write another book. Camp at Raven’s Roost. Ride a train across Canada. Drive across Montana. Learn Spanish. Learn to cook ethnic dishes. Fly a glider. Hangglide. Ski. Raise a family. Take an annual family vacation. Travel to another country every five years. Work for the New Yorker magazine. Edit National Geographic. Collect art and display it in a home Erin and I fix up. Stay fit. Tour Napa Valle wineries. Visit Chile’s wineries. Sail across one of the oceans. Swim in the Seychelles. Spend a day naked, every year. Fall in love in Norway. Have a routine. Live spontaneously. Sea kayak Baja California. Tour Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. Build a library for me. Build a library for others. Master tai chi chuan. Sew my own clothes. Own my own tuxedo. Build a wine cellar. Have a greenhouse. Take day-long walking tours.

Some of the items on that list I’d already done, and now, seven years later, I’ve accomplished even more of them, or similar things. Erin and I toured the wineries of New Zealand, we spent a night of bliss in a cabin in Norway, we have art on the walls of our home in North Carolina, and while raising a family we’ve earned two masters degrees and Erin’s working on a J.D.

Here, then, is a new listing of my life and career goals. When you’re done reading this page, help me fill out my list with your suggestions at this page.

1-year goals (2006) 9 Oct 2005

These are the goals I want to achieve in the next year:

  • Relaunch Zuiker Chronicles Online with the active participation of at least 5 other family members. And finally interview Anthony Zuiker about C.S.I. (Not gonna happen: Anthony has actively blocked me from following him on Twitter, and his recent autobiography seems to be pretty harsh on his family ties.)
  • Bring Brian K. Vaughan, Eisner Winner, writer of the year, creator and author of Y! The Last Man and Ex Machina comics, to the Triangle for reading of his work.
  • Celebrate our anniversary someplace special (read swimming pools, waterfalls, tropical drinks and passionfruit). DONE (sort of). Celebrated with good food at D.C. restaurants.

5-year goals (2010) 9 Oct 2005

These are the goals I want to achieve by the end of 2010:

  • Celebrate Erin’s graduation from law school.
  • Make a return visit to Vanuatu with Erin and the girls.
  • Write my own book (and get it published, naturally).
  • Create an online magazine, and a publishing business around that.
  • Run another marathon.
  • Bike across Morocco.
  • Get published in the New Yorker.
  • Play chess with Anna and Malia once a week.
  • Be debt free.

10-year goals (2015) 9 Oct 2005

These are the goals I want to achieve by the end of 2015:

  • Help a friend get elected to the Senate.
  • Speak with my children in another language.
  • Create a foundation.
  • Sponsor a scholarship at John Carroll University.